Friday, December 2, 2022

TADD: Bells and Soup

Barn Bell


Linking up with Rain's Thursday Art and Dinner Date.

All images © by Leigh at Leigh's Photography Journal


Christine said...

Lovely bells and warming soup!

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Saltine crackers are the best. I can easily eat a sleeve at a sitting - they are a guilty pleasure.

Andrea @ From The Sol said...

Now that is the best bell I have seen. And our weather this week screams for soup ... so is there a recipe to go with this delicious picture? Stay warm and cozy ...

Andrea @ From the Sol

Leigh said...

Christine, thanks!

TB, Dan would agree with you there!

Andrea, I love that bell. It was a gift from a blogging friend.

The soup is called rubaboo, which is pemmican soup. I made my first batch of pemmican the other day and wanted to try it in soup. It's pretty easy, simply simmering pemmican and vegetables (I used onion, potato, carrot, turnip, and kale) with a little flour and salt. It was really good!

Rain said...

I just read your replies, rubaboo!!! Sounds interesting, definitely looks cozy and yummy! Oh I love that bell Leigh!!! ☺♥